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Gertie is a major antagonist of the 2016 computer-animated comedy film by 20th Century Fox, Ice Age: Collision Course, the other being her brother, Roger. She and Roger are the children and henchmen of the tyrannical dino-bird, Gavin.

She is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, who has famously played Detective Rosa Diaz in the 2013 police themed comedy sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Role in the film

She and Roger plan with Gavin to sabotage all animals and fly away from the meteors, so letting them be forgotten. They find The Herd and plot to attack them. Later, they almost kill Buck, but Roger convinces Gavin not to kill Buck, as they help Buck stop the meteors with Gavin's help.


Gertie is a strong, delightful, independent, attractive, generous, sweet, and cool dino-bird who enjoys helping her family. However, like her father, she sees her brother Roger as almost completely useless and constantly picks on him.



Gertie is similar to Nadine Ross from the PlayStation 4 video game Uncharted 4: A Theif's End.