I always get the queston - "How did you come up with the idea for the X-Men? My answer is two simple words: F*** off!
~ Roger in the X-Play review of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.

The man who debased the man who made legends...

Roger "The Stan Lee Experience", is an antagonistic parody of the venerable comic book creator shown on G4TV's X-Play. Even within the already-irreverent show, Roger is described as being the fifth to seventh best thing next to getting the actual Stan Lee, and the hosts (often Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb) make it clear that even that high a rating is extremely generous on their parts. He was usually used whenever a Marvel Comics-themed video game would be reviewed.

Roger imitates Lee using a stand-up comedian format, with an extremely exaggerated imitation of Lee's voice and mannerisms. He portrays Lee as a caricature of a caricature, emphasizing all the worst traits Lee's critics have accused him of, and a few that even his worst critics would never dream of. He is foul-mouthed, dismissive, prone to ham it up well past eleven, and describes with often-censored gleeful delight the wrongs he has committed. One particular theme he plays to the hilt is his (according to this parody only) long-running affair with, if not debauching of, the wife of his Silver Age Comics Age legendary collaborator Jack Kirby. His descriptions of this include threesomes with Steve Ditko and the look on the overworked Kirby's face when he would walk in on them. He would almost always conclude his vile tirades with explaining that this or that depraved act resulted in the creation of a classic Marvel concept - including works that he is known to have played no part in - based on actual (if unproved) accusations against the real Stan Lee.

Roger usually offers no real insight into the heroes' films or movies, save to trash bad efforts, especially those made for rival DC Comics' characters. Once, he took this so far, it raised the ire of fellow 'tribute' artist  Eddie "The Bob Kane Phenomenon", who pointed out some similarly weak efforts based on Marvel characters. Roger apologized to him, until Roger reminded himself of some truly awful DC-based works, and began to bash Eddie once more.

Roger was played by X-Play staffer Michael Leffler, who once left his character's genre to review a Guitar Hero game, which was the result of which had Roger riffing and singing Whitesnake's Here I Go Again, a cover as awful as any game slammed by the character.