You know, I could kill you right now very easily. Believe me, this is nothing. This ain't shit. But...I know you'll just be waiting for me in hell. So...I think i'll say goodbye. Fuck it
~ Rogelio Torrez, before committing suicide with one of Machete's blades.

Rogelio Torrez is the main antagonist in the 2010 film Machete. Unlike the other antagonists, he did not appear in the original faux-trailer and was created for the feature film.

He was portrayed by Steven Seagal who will later portray The Director.


He kills Machete's wife and daughter, and leaves him to die at the beginning of the film. Later, it is revealed that Michael Booth was working for Torrez in the search to find and kill Machete once and for all. Booth, Torrez, and Senator John McLaughlin were all also part of a large drug trafficking trade, the funds of which was largely used to fund McLaughlin's re-election campaign. When Machete and The Network arrive at the base of border vigilantes, Torrez encounters Machete and the two of them begin a sword fight. Torrez getsthe upper hand and as he is about to kill Machete, he manages to stab Torrez with one of his machetes in the stomach. Although Torrez does not die immediately, and appears to not have any pain at all, he accepts defeat and kills himself via seppuku with the machete he was stabbed with moments before.