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Rodrigo Juan Raval

Rodrigo Juan Raval

Rodrigo Juan Raval
was an antagonist turned neutral character in Resident Evil: CODE Veronica. He was a Team Leader in Umbrella Paris' Security Force of the Umbrella Corporation, assigned as the commanding officer of the 3rd Security Unit.

When Claire Redfield infiltrated Umbrella territory and killed numerous Umbrella soldiers, Rodrigo managed to capture her. Later on, he decided to let Claire out and then survived the explosion Alfred Ashford set up. He found his way down to the underground cavern, until Chris Redfield arrived in search for his sister. Rodrigo told Chris about her, a Gulp Worm then arrived and swallowed up Raval. Is Chris killed the worm, Rodrigo was spat out but he was dying since the chemicals inside the worm's stomach was fatal. Rodrigo told Chris she's in Antarctica and that he should go find her. During his final moments, Raval gave Claire's lighter back to Chris and then slumped to the ground.

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