Rodolfo of Bzzz & Co


Rodolfo is the main antagonist of the 2007 animated Belgian film, Max & Co.

He was voiced by Patrick Bouchitey.

Role in the film

Rodolfo is the nephew of Leopold, the owner of Bzzz & Co., a flyswatter factory loved throughout the French village of St. Hilary, and a student of the town schoolteacher, Madame Doudou. He is very selfish, ruthless, conniving, manipulative, and power-hungry, so he is determined to expand his business and doesn't live up to his uncle's expectations. Rodolfo persuades a sadistic and destructive scientist to help him, fires half the company to take over the town and forces the lovely singer Cathy to work for him. He accidentally unleashes a swarm of monstrous flies into the town, killing Madame Doudou in the process. This gives him a golden opportunity. Rodolfo "convinces" the town to work for him to hide his evil deeds. When our hero, Max, and the townsfolk gather for a revolution, Rodolfo realizes what is happening and prepares to feed Cathy to the flies if Max doesn't comply. Fortunately, St. Hilary is saved and the death of Rodolfo is being ejected from the factory via a pipe he uses to release the flies, stopping the plague once and for all.


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He is a slender green frog with dark gray hair, brown eyes, a blue suit, a white shirt, and a purple tie with dark purple stripes.