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Rodney Little is a character in the movie Clockers. He was a tyrannical, manipulative, and drug-dealing head of a drug-dealing crime family and

He was portrayed by Delroy Lindo.


Rodney is manipulative (and anyone can tell he is). He is tyrannical all together. In one scene, he seems to imply that he will put Strike "out of your misery," when he tells Strike (who's complaining about his stomach), "Maybe you won't have to take it much longer." He is a scumbag. He manipulates his drug runners. The male-bonding moment he has with Strike and Errol Barnes in the pool room is all in vain. He doesn't even talk good about Strike. All he merely says is, "He ain't no problem," out loud and arrogantly. He creates an enemy out of Scientific, for showing Strike more favoritism (not that Strike is in the wrong or even realizing that Rodney is diving his loyalties).

Rodney Little is a tamed down version of either Bo-Kane in New Jersey Drive. Whereas in that movie, we truly see his arrogance, we don't see as directly in this movie, but we do see traces of Gomez's work in this movie. Rodney brags about what a God he could be, calling drugs "truth syrum" and saying, "And it's the reason I ain't ever gonna go out of business. Cause I got me the world's greatest product. I'm a great businessman, Strike." He likes to provoke people, like when he got on Strike's nerves for killing Darryl Adams (this scene pretty much gives it out that Strike killed him), when he ordered Strike to do it in the first place. He will not even think twice about beating the someone for giving his own assholery back to him. He even talks about how the car is his wife's and how, as a result, "You know I don't give a fuck," when giving Strike a nasty beat-down. He is also very violent, and in the end tries to kill Strike, for allegedly betraying him. He is a sadist too, and enjoys destroying Strike's car at the end. It was implied that he is killed Scientific.