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Rodney Craft is a villain from the TV Reality Show 13: Fear Is Real.

He's potrayed by Himself.

Rodney came to the island in the bus wit the others twelve contestants, he was innocent at that time until the deathbox is introduced by The The Mastermind, he take the deathbox without being caught. When Nasser accused Laura to be the killer, everyone think they should accused someone else, but Rodney tell everyone it will not be more accussation, because the thing was done and Laura was falsely accused. So he finally did his dirty work by killing Steffinie his only victim, so no one know it was him, the boys was all protecting him when the girls wanted to prove it was him. So he tell the camera if he's spared from the elimination he will continue his work, when he was on the elimination test he failed to escape, and was sliced in half by a pendules after his death he was revealed to be the murderer.