One year of preparation. We did everything we could to make you come back. Do you know how much time you wasted? It's Thanksgiving! I could have been home with my family having dinner instead of cleaning up your mess because you bumped your head and started to believe your cover.
~ Cole to Martin

Dr. Rodney Cole is a representative of the assassin group "Section 15" and he is the main antagonist of the 2011 British-German-French psychological thriller action film Unknown.

He was portrayed by Frank Langella.


When Martin Harris loses his memory he remembers his old friend Rodney Cole. He tells the policemen to call Rodney who can verify his identity but the police cannot reach him. When later Mr. Jürgen finds proof for Martins story, he is called by Cole who says he just arrived at the Berlin airport having been lecturing in Leipzig previously. He is very sympathetic for Martin and the two arrange a meeting. When Cole arrives at Jürgens house Jürgen tells him about his past in the Stasi and about an assassin group called Section 15 who is rumored to still exist. Cole then gets colder and asks why Jürgens didn't flee when he had the chance. Cole then proceeds to ask Jürgen about every detail about Martins journey and every person Jürgen has called for proof. Jürgen then takes cyanide to evade torture by Cole.

Cole then meets Martin at the airport. Martin is happy to see him and follows Cole who then uses Martins trust to lure him into his van. Martin is then tasered by Jones, another hitman of Sektion 15. They bring Martin into an abandoned parking lot where Cole tells Martin that Martin also is a member of Sektion 15 and that Liz is not his wife but his partner. Martin Harris does not exist but is an identity created to bring the assassins into the summit to kill professor Bressler. Cole then thanks Martin for retrieving the lost briefcase and orders Jones to kill Harris. He gets in the van and prepares some drugs to make Martins death look like the overdose of a dead junkie.

In that moment Gina arrives. When Jones starts shooting her she drives into him, slamming him into Jones and Cole's van, killing Jones. That makes the van go over the edge of the parking lot. The van falls down and explodes upon impact, killing Cole.