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Rodney is the main antagonist in the web films franchise.

He is the brother to Ramsey who is the main character in the shows. he has been seen on numerous ocasionss trying to murder the other children of the unnamed school, were the series plays out.

It is unclear what the motivation is for Rodney but Brendon Hinchcliffe the young actor who plays Rodney says he is just insane and enjoys others peoples misfoutune.

He is seen in many forms of the web films series, one of his forms was the metallic mask killer in the metallic mask 3, which is the first time you meet Rodney but after he is found to be the metallic mask killer he goes on to play a huge part in the other series

Rodney is yet to get what he deserves and lives on in the series but he will meet his end in season 3 of web films has said some of the cast of web films