Rodissiius is the main antagonist of Season 1 in Disney XD's Lab Rats: Elite Force, who was a superhero, but became a supervillain with genocidal hatred of all superheroes.


Rodissiius was once a superhero, but his last battle cost him greatly. When he was taken to Mighty Med, the nature of his injuries were severe, that Kaz and Oliver had to sacrifice his superpowers to save his life. Feeling a life as a mere mortal was more shameful and far worse than death, he became a genocidal supervillain bent on a strong vendetta against all superheroes and revenge on Kaz and Oliver for forcing him to his current state. To this end, he sent his sons, Roman and Riker to destroy Mighty Med and hunt down every remaining superhero before turning on Kaz and Oliver themselves.

Later on, Roman and Riker were sent to retrieve the superhero list, which contained their secret identities and their locations. Following their failed attempts to retrieve the list, ending with their failure to capture the Elite Force, Rodissiius angrily berated Roman and Riker, deciding he will take matters into his own hands.

Weeks later, He has his daughter Reese pretend to like Chase, so that she gets into mission command in their penthouse to get the list of superhorse while he, Roman and Riker, and his other kids distract the Elite Force by terrorizing Centium City and harming civilians. When Rodissiius reveals Reese's deception to Chase, He is injured by Bree for messing with her brother. But Reese manages to escape with the superhero list and helps her father escape from the city.


  • Rodissiius parallels Skylar Storm when she lost her powers. Like Skylar, he could not comprehend an existence without his powers, and also wanted to seek revenge against the person who took away his powers. In addition, both had to have their powers severed in order to save them: Rodissiius because his life was in danger, whereas Skylar's case was to save her from evil. While Skylar was able to adapt to her situation and eventually let go of her revenge, Rodissiius grew in anger and hatred over his situation.