Roc is a legendary raptor found in Arabic folklore - although it is technically more of a fabulous beast than a malicious force, it deserves a recognition as it is seen as a dangerous creature: for reasons that should become rather apparent.

Roc was depicted as a gigantic bird, not just large by avian standards but literally, gigantic - some tales spoke of Roc so large it could pick up an elephant in its talons much like a regular bird of prey may pick up a young lamb.

Due to its immense size and predatory nature Roc was a hazard to heroes of legend such as Sinbad - it is similiar in some ways to the Native American legend of the Thunderbird, however unlike the Thunderbird, Roc is neither supernatural nor wrathful, though as stated above it can pose a danger to humans due to its sheer size and predatory habits.

Roc is also classified as a cryptid alongside the Thunderbird of legend, though science would undoubtedly be looking for a creature far smaller than the elephant-snatching monster of legend.


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