Rocs are legendary creatures found in Arabic folklore - although they are technically more of fabulous beasts than a malicious force, they deserve recognition as they were seen as dangerous creatures: for reasons that should become rather apparent.

Rocs were depicted as gigantic birds, not just large by bird standards but literally giant - some tales spoke of Rocs so large they could pick up and elephant in their talons much like a regular bird of prey may pick up a young lamb.

Due to their immense size and predatory nature Rocs were a hazard to heroes of legend such as Sinbad - they are similiar in some ways to the Native American legend of the Thunderbird, however unlike the Thunderbird, Rocs are neither supernatural nor wrathful, though as stated above they can pose a danger to humans due to their sheer size and predatory habits.

Rocs are also classed as a cryptid alongside the Thunderbird of legend, though science would undoubtedly be looking for a creature far smaller than the elephant-snatching monster of legend.


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