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This scum Rocky
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.

Rocky (voiced by Sal Landi; Zbigniew Suszynski in the Polish dub) is the main antagonist of the Warner Bros. animated film Rover Dangerfield.

Rocky was Connie's (a show girl in Las Vegas, Nevada's) boyfriend who despised her dog Rover a lot. Later in the film, he makes a deal with some Mafia gangsters and is interrupted by Rover and his friend. Thinking that he was setting them up, the gangsters told him it would be his last chance to pay up (implying that they were going to kill him). He then kidnaps Rover and throws him into the Hoover Dam.

However, after Rover returned from the farm back to the casino, Rocky returns where he is confronted by Rover who wanted revenge on Rocky for trying to kill him. Rover attacked Rocky by biting him on the leg, and Rocky accidentally reveals to Connie that he tried to kill her dog, and is slapped. Rover and his dog friends then chase Rocky outside and into a limousine, which was a setup and contains the gangsters from earlier in the film. They then ask if Rocky would 'like to see Hoover Dam'. The car drives away as he screams in terror.

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