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Rocko Socko is a villain in The Powerpuff Girls movie. He is one of many hundreds of chimpanzees, apes, monkeys, and gorillas evolved by Mojo Jojo as part of his plan to lead the apes in an attempt to take over the world. After Mojo declares himself leader, Rocko Socko and all the others start proposing their own unique plans to take over the world, with Rocko's being:to use super powerful boxing gloves to destroy everything. After Rocko and all the other apes start attacking the people of Townsville (Mojo trying to get them to follow his lead and his plan instead of any of the other apes making their own plans) the girls arrive and try to stop them. Buttercup ends up punching Rocko Socko into a building to save a talking dog, at last defeating Rocko. It is worth noting his name and gloves seem to parody rock'em sock'em robots.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

It is revealed in an interview with Buttercup that Rocko Socko is her favourite punching target.


  • Rocko Socko is a gorilla. He could possibly be a reference to the gorillas in Planet of the Apes.
  • Rocko Socko could be considered the right-hand of Mojo Jojo.
  • He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who would chronologically voice the Boogie Man, another Powerpuff Girls villain.
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