Rocket Thug

The Rocket Thug was a henchman of the Joker and a minor antagonist in Batman: Vengeance.


The Rocket Thug was hired by the Joker after his confrontation with Batman at Gotham Bridge. The Thug uses a jetpack, a built-in flamethrower, three sets of rocket launchers and a missile launcher as his main sets of weapons. When Batman tries to shut off back-up valve to shut off the pumping of both Joker toxin and Prometheum under Gotham City, he finds the Joker, Harley, and Rocket Thug guarding it. While dodging the Thug's rockets, he manages to get to the subbasement where he shuts off the pumping.

The Joker leaves to finish his major scheme, leaving Harley and Rocket Thug to defeat Batman. The Dark Knight evaded the missiles launched by the Thug and defeats him by throwing batarangs at the rocket launcher. The impacts of the batarangs knocked out the Rocket Thug who landed on Harley Quinn. He along with Harley were later arrested by the police