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The Rockers are the main antagonists of the 1979 cult film Quadrophenia.


The Rockers are street gangs of young adolescent teenagers, who love going round cities and towns and causing trouble. The Rockers differ from their archenemies the Mods because of their styles and their music: the Rockers go for fast, powerful and rougher styles whereas the Mods are more sleek and official.

The Mods and Rockers clash several times in the story, most of the incidents in the film are caused by the Rockers, such as when Spider, one of Jimmy's friends, and his girlfriend are attacked by Rockers when they've broken down, and the Rockers zoom around the pair taunting them aggressively and menacingly before they beat Spider and throw his girlfriend off when she tries to stop them, then laugh maniacally and zoom off. The enraged Spider and his girl come back to tell the Mods, and the Mods go off after the Rockers and beat many of them up.

The Rockers are very rough, violent, combative, and belligerent, seeing laws as beyond them, however one of the Rockers, Kevin, is actually one of Jimmy's best friends, who left for the Army to "get away from all this" because of Mods getting him down, before he had the same experiences in the Army and realized that, wherever you go, there's always some idiot putting you down. Kevin was unfortunately one of the Rockers who beat up Spider and so the Mods attack him and almost kill him. Rather than help his friend, Jimmy cowardly flees.

The Rockers reappear on the road down to Brighton, when they converge on Chalky, a Mod who has a more powerful bike than the others, and due to their jealousy of his speed rivalling theirs they knock him off the motorbike, leaving him stranded. Once again, Jimmy refuses to help his friend. The Rockers head down to Brighton, looking for trouble. Crowds of Mods are gathered and they begin a chant, where pictures are taken of them, but suddenly Chalky sees the same Rockers who knocked him off his bike going for coffee, and they charge at them, beating up the Rockers. However, more re-enforcement Rockers arrive, wrathful, and they begin a massive battle with Mods and Rockers on the streets of Brighton, damaging countless property. The Rockers do the most damage and eventually police converge and break up the chaos.

The Rockers engage spectacular conflicts in the battle, they climb up the pier walls to get to the Mods, and chase them down the streets, many are arrested and others escape.