No! We had a deal!
~ The Rock Rider Leader while facing Furiosa

The Rock Rider leader is a supporting antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road. He is the leader of a biker gang called the Rock Riders, who inhabit a canyon in the wasteland, extracting tolls from everyone who wishes to cross said canyon.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Prior to escaping from the Citadel with Immortan Joe's wifes, Furiosa struck a deal with the leader of the Rock Rider's, offering them 3000 gallons of gasoline in exchange for safe passage. However, when Furiosa arrives the Leader for understating her situation when she told him that just maybe there were a few followers when in truth she is followed by three war groups from the Citadel, the Bullet Farms and Gas Town. When the leader realises that Furiosa lied again, stating that she would be alone but bringing passengers with him, Furiosa tells Max to drive. The Rock Riders open fire, but Furiosa is able to enter her War Rig again. Not intending to let her leave with the gasoline, the Rock Riders pursue the War Rig. After many of them have been killed by Max and Furiosa, the Rock Rider Leader lands his bike on top of the War Rig, threatening an unarmed Furiosa with his gun and chastising her for breaking the deal. He shoots at Furiosa but she escapes unharmed while Max shoots through the roof of the Rig, killing the gang leader.