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Rock, Paper and Scissors are a trio of supervillains and villains in the Teen Titans media. They do not appear in the show instead they appear in the comics called Teen Titans Go!.

Rock, Paper and Scissors are three students of the H.I.V.E. Academy. They were sent to capture a baby Wildebeest but were foiled when the Titans attack them. In another issue of Teen Titans Go! called The Fearsome Five, they join a team, led by Psimon, and try to take down the Titans but are defeated.

Other than 2 comic appearances, they have yet to appear in the show, although many fans of Teen Titans feel that that they should have been included.

Rock's powers are super strength and can turn her body to solid rock.

Paper's power is stretching her limbs like Mr. Fantastic.

Scissors' power is his razor sharp claws.

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