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Rocco Klein is another main antagonist of the movie Clockers.

He was portrayed excellently by Harvey Keitel.


He is a cop trying to investigate the murder of Darryl Adams. Convinced that Victor Durham is only trying to lie to save Ronald Durham - AKA Strike - he seeks to find out the truth. He repeatedly asks Strike who killed him.

Fed up with his lying, he confronts him about it one last time. When Strike disrespects him, he loses it. As revenge against Strike, he resorts to trying to get Rodney to hurt him, by implicating him as a snitch, in one way or the other, to get Strike to fess up, and to get even with him.

He's also a murderer in some sense. In the end, during the investigation, instead of being a good officer, he threatens to hand Strike over to Rodney if he keeps telling him the same thing. He does this, knowing what Rodney will do to him. Even Andre, who did beat Strike a couple of times in the end, never did this. At the end of the movie he threatens to hurt Strike if he ever sees him again.