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The Roc

Artwork of the Roc from the King's Quest Companion

The Roc is a minor villain from the adventure video game King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. It is a giant two-headed bird that resembles an eagle and carries prey to its nest to feed its baby.

Graham is caught by the Roc when he and Cedric are trying to find a way out of the snowy mountains. He was unable to escape the Roc's clutches and ended up in its nest. The Roc flew away after dropping him in the nest, leaving Graham to be devoured by its babies. Graham, however, managed to escape the nest when the eagle he gave the leg of lamb to flew him out of the nest away from the baby roc.

The Roc does not get defeated in the game and is still flying around Serenia, looking for prey to catch and feed to its baby.

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