Robotman is a robot created by Professor Moshimo to more superior than any other robot including Robotboy, Robotman is the main antagonist of the titular episode Robotman, which is his only appearance in the Robotboy series.


Robotman prove himself to superior than Robotboy, Robotman hates Robotboy since Tommy only interest in Robotboy than him, Later Robotboy attempt to destroy Robotboy so he will be out of his way. Robotman grow angry when Moshimo deactivate him.


Robotman is tall, He has a red torso with a white X in the front, His arms, legs, and head are white, His feet are grey, and his wrist are grey and also has white hands, and has one green eye.

Powers and Abilities

Robotman has great extreme strength and can fly at high speeds, Unlike all of Moshimo's robots, Robotman has "Self-Activation" which will allow him to active himself at will. He can shoot missiles out of his chest. Like most of Moshimo's robots, Robotman can superactivate and become powerful.


Without batteries, Robotman is unable to activate himself.