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The Roboticizer

The Roboticizer is one of Dr. Robotnik's most fearsome creations, depicted in the comic book/cartoon franchise of Sonic the Hedgehog and the videogame franchise of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Roboticizer is what Robotnik uses to transform innocent animals, Mobians and pretty much anything else he desires into Badniks - the process of Roboticization was (and remains) the stuff of nightmares as organic material is converted into technology and most (if not all) free will is stripped away, making the victim a slave to Robotnik.

The process was originally believed to be totally irreversable but in the Archie comics some extremely advanced alien species found ways to reverse the process - though this does little to reduce the fear the technology has on Mobians.

Victims of the Roboticizer are countless but some of the most famous in the Sonic canon are Uncle Chuck and Bunni Rabbot (though Rabbot managed to avoid complete Roboticization, instead becoming "half-and-half") - in at least one alternate reality Robotnik has even used the Roboticizer on himself (showing how mad he can truly be).

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