Robot Worms (Megas XLR)

Robot Worms are insectoid robot worms that feed on energy and are villains in Megas XLR.

They live in ring planet and fed on the civilization that once lived there. Coop and his friends landed on the ringworld planet when he accidently triggered a mine field. They found out the planet once had an instellar library before the worms showed up. Kiva wanted to find info on time travel and how to defeat the Glorft. The insects attacked Megas and a hatchling went inside Megas and deactivated it. While Kiva and Jamie went to find and destroy the worm and found the queen, Coop fought and destroyed the more gigantic worms and eventually fought the king worm. Coop managed to destroy the queen and later the king by a special ability, destroying the worms once and for all.