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Termite robots

A bunch of alien robotic termites that attacked some wooden robots. They only appear in Metal Men (vol. I) #16 (October–November 1965). Doc has created robot miniatures to be sold at the New York Association for brain injured children including Sergeant Rock, The Haunted Tank and Wonder Woman. That afternoon at the association Doc gets friendly with a model called Cleo and they all go to Fire Island for the weekend. Platinum flips out and ducks Cleo and Doc blows a gasket at her and Cleo tells Doc to split. Tina is upset and takes the jetaway to escape so Gold tells Tin to become a boomerang and all of the Metal Men hang on except for Iron who whirls the boomerang and they all land on the jetaway as it heads to the moon. Suddenly the radio crackles to life it's a distress signal but weak, so Gold and Platinum create a larger antenna. Mercury asks them to send a homing beam, but WHROOOSH it's the wrong beam and the Metal Men are reduced to toy size. Gold becomes a pile of coins so they can reach the controls and they continue to the source of the distress signal, which is a planet surrounded by toy size spaceships which attack the jetaway and send it careering towards the planet. Tin and Nameless engage the ASA-MBS (automatic safety anti-magnetic bumpers) and they land safely. On the planet is a spooky looking building and inside two wooden robots are been attacked by metal termites. The Metal Men attack the termites and save the wooden robots and as the termites split they vow to attack earth and destroy it. The wooden robots admit they are not very clever and try to enlarge the Metal Men but turn them into pretzel shapes. The Metal Men now leave and return back to earth to get Doc to fix them but he is out so they try to do it themselves but become stiff and cannot move. They get put on display with the other miniature toys and a blind boy chooses to take them home. That night the termites attack earth and it makes the blind boy cry. As he falls to sleep his tears fall on the Metal Men and their saline content allows them to move and grow back to normal size. They go to the bridge and attack the termites but they are now to big so they decide to heat up Mercury till he explodes. The termites are destroyed and so are the Metal Men. Next morning the Doc is hovering up the debris and realises the Metal Men are part of the debris. He takes the debris to the robot recovery room and restores them. They all go to the blind boy to thank him for all his help.


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