Don't listen to him, SpongeBob. Remember: Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli.
~ Robot Krabs encouraging Spongebob the real Mr. Krabs is the imposter.

Robot Krabs is a robotic clone of Mr. Krabs created and controlled by Plankton, and the titular secondary antagonist in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Imitation Krabs". It later made quick cameos in the episodes "New Leaf" and "Spy Buddies".


Robot Krabs is a highly sophisticated robot that has many different features. Inside, from where Plankton controls it, there are hundreds of levers and pulleys to make the robot do many things. The robot is red and constructed from metal, with a metal suit as stated by SpongeBob. It has the big eyes and its face acts and looks like a microphone. the robot appears to wear the same clothing as Mr. Krabs, but made from metal. The robot has a self-destruct device activated by a penny inserted through a coin slot on his belt buckle and he can disguise himself as a bread toaster. One of the giveaways that the robot is not Mr. Krabs is that it periodically emits an exhaust fume with an audible noise from an exhaust pipe at the rear whenever it lies.


Plankton created Robot Krabs to get near SpongeBob so the latter can tell him the Secret Formula. Robot Krabs first rids Squidward by telling him it was his day off. To distract the real Mr. Krabs, Robot Krabs rolls a penny out the front door, causing Mr. Krabs to chase after it.

Afterwards, Plankton learns that for the secret recipe to be discussed, he must first do a ridiculously long and complicated ceremony that takes around 6.5 hours to accomplish. Six and a half hours later, Robot Krabs completes the ceremony. Before SpongeBob gives him a bottle with the recipe inside when the real Mr. Krabs comes into the kitchen right after the penny Plankton threw earlier. SpongeBob gives them both a quiz about the Krusty Krab, threatening to blast one of them with tartar sauce. Robot Krabs gets all the answers to the quiz correctly (obviously via its technology) and Mr. Krabs gets them all wrong. SpongeBob squirts Mr. Krabs with tartar sauce and rolls him out the door in a large tray of fish sticks.

SpongeBob presumes that the robotic Mr. Krabs is the real one, and gives him both the formula and the penny that he "dropped", putting it into a coin-operated self-destruct mechanism. Plankton and Robot Krabs make a run towards the Chum Bucket with the formula; but by the time they get there, Robot Krabs blows up, along with the Chum Bucket, and the formula in the bottle safely rolls over back to the Krusty Krab.

Operation: Krabby Patty (PC Game)

In the video game Operation: Krabby Patty, Plankton uses Robot Krabs to steal Krabby Patties. However, this robot is designed more different. It is rusty, has no shirt or pants design, has more crooked arms, uses wheels for legs, and the chest somewhat resembles Mechagodzilla's.