Robot Judge Dredd
was a robot duplicate of Judge Dredd used by Judge Cal to frame Dredd for the murder of the photographer and editor. He appeared in 2000 AD progs 86 - 88.


After Dredd has managed to save Mega-City Two from 2T(FRU)T virus, the head of the Special Judicial Squad, Judge Cal made an engineer named Chik Parker to create a robot duplicate of Dredd. Once the Robot was built, Cal had Chik killed and then proceeded to send the robot to a newspaper publisher to frame Dredd by murdering the photographer and an editor. Dredd, refusing to accept his fate of going to Titan, finds his informant Max Normal and he informs Dredd Chik's illegal endeavours and goes to investigate only to discover the body and his Robot duplicate waiting for him.

The two begin to fight until Dredd manages to trick it to go under the magnet before he dumped the robot into a smelter, destroying it.


Despite being identical in appearance and skill, personality-wise, he is not as calm or collected as Dredd and shows arrogance and sadism.


  • This is actually the second Dredd robot seen, with the first seen during the Robot Wars being designed by a robot doctor working for Call-Me-Kenneth.