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Come work out with us, Dan.
~ The Chris and Elise robots to Dan.

Robot Chris and Robot Elise are minor villains in the animated series Dan Vs.. So far, their only appearance (not to mention the debut) is in "Dan Vs. The Gym".

After Elise wakes up, she suddenly finds a muscular version of Chris. She then realizes it's not Chris and tries to beat him with a frying pan. However, Robot Chris leaves her house, then she runs over to Normal Nutrition. Elise encounters Chad, then Chad brings his henchmen (including the robot Chris. Chad's henchmen are known to Elise as "swimsuit models"). Two of the henchmen grab both of Elise's arms, then he sends the henchmen to track down Dan.

When they knock on Dan's door, Dan opens the door suddenly and they ask Dan to come work out with them. Dan refuses then they tell him that they will have a "swell time". After Dan runs up to the rooftop of his house, Dan knocks into Robot Elise's face (presuming that Elise actually is a robot, although Elise is actually a human.)


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