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is a robotic snail-like monster and Reptar's archenemy. He made a special guest appearance as the tertiary antagonist in Rugrats in Paris, and he was controlled by Jean-Claude.


Robosnail is a huge blue mechanical snail with snapping pincers.

Reptar vs. Robosnail

Jean Claude climbed aboard the Robosnail in the EuroReptarland amusement park and controlled it in order to try stop the babies from ruining Coco Labouche's planned wedding. Robosnail and Reptar fought throughout Paris and he wound up falling into the Seine.

Videogame appearance

Reptar vs. Robosnail

Reptar battles Robosnail in the videogame Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.

Robosnail appeared as the main antagonist in the videogame Rugrats in Paris: The Movie based on the movie and he is still piloted by Jean Claude.

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