was a Patrolian, a diminutive and brightly colored bounty hunter with fish-like features who wore an eyepatch during the Clone Wars. He teamed up with Cad Bane and Aurra Sing during the Senate hostage crisis.


During the war, Robonino teamed up with Bossk, but their ship fell apart and they were found by the Black Hole Pirates. Robonino and Bossk then joined up with the pirates. While Bossk found himself an outcast in the gang, Robonino became a respected hacker and earned himself a place on the team.

To see how "solitary types" like Robonino, Shahan Alama and Aurra Sing would work together, Bane set them on a test mission to capture bounty hunter Davtokk on the planet Keyorin. Davtokk attempted to take out Bane to collect the bounty on his head, but was relatively easily overcome by Bane's team. Pleased with their performance, Bane moved the team to Coruscant to prepare for an operation to liberate Ziro the Hutt from Republic incarceration.

Later he and Chata Hyoki were hired by Count Dooku to assasinate the senators who supported peace. First they jumped senator Farr but because it didn't send a proper message they later tried to kill Padne Amadla but she managed to escape. After that they attacked and injures senator Organa bhowever they were then caught and arrested by the police.