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Robo Knight is the first robotic Power Ranger whom appeared in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. He was briefly turned evil due to being reprogrammed by antagonist until his original program restored.


While mostly taking the heroic role, at first his memories were dormant and his good effort to protect the environment ended up endangering civilians until he learned how to fight for good properly and teamwork with the others.

After his self-sacrifice in episode End Game, he was corrupted by Vrak and Emperor Mavro whom found his damaged body. At first, Vrak didn't have the proper resources to revive him. He found out that the only way to revive Robo Knight is to use a Sixth Ranger power as Robo Knight is a Sixth Ranger himself. Vrak waited until Vekar's death to capture Orion. Vrak had Orion's energies drained into Robo Knight, along with dark power. Now as Vrak's servant, Robo Knight devoted himself to him.

Each time Vrak plotted his moves, Robo Knight attacked the Rangers. Each time the Rangers convinced him that he to break free from Vrak's control, he stated that Vrak is the only one who knows the truth. While Drill Horn fought Emma, Gia, Jake and Noah in one battle, Troy fought Robo Knight. Troy managed to free Robo Knight from Vrak's control. Robo Knight wanted to make up for the evil deeds he did under Vrak's control.

To make up for the trouble he's caused while under Vrak's control, Robo Knight went into Vrak's underwater lair to save Orion before his life force was fully drained. As Robo Knight saved Orion, Vrak had the lair self destruct. As that was happening, Robo Knight manages to transfer his life force into Orion. Though Robo Knight didn't escape while Orion did, he now lives within Orion.

Robo Knight somehow survived from his previous demise and showed up in the middle of the Legendary Battle, temporarily reunited with Troy/Megaforce Red before continuing to finish several X-Borgs, although it can be implied as being inevitable, since Troy's visions clearly showed that Robo Knight did survive long enough to be part of the battle, and the fight in real time was virtually the same as Troy's visions, acting as a foreshadow.

Powers and Abilities

Robo Knight is able to use the Power Cards and the Robo Morpher, his arsenal consists of his Vulcan cannon and his Robo Blaster/Robo Blade, he is also able to transform his Lion Zord into the Lion Mechazord.