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I'm gonna kick some butt!
~ RoboGadget

RoboGadget was the quaternary antagonist of Inspector Gadget. He was a complete robotic duplicate of Gadget, created by Claw from his original prototype android Promethyus.

He was portrayed by Matthew Broderick in the film (who also played Inspector Gadget in the film).



RoboGadget Model

RoboGadget introduced as a brand-new model to Claw

RoboGadget was created by Dr. Claw to terrorize the city of Riverton to ruin the real Gadget's reputation and kill him.

In Inspector Gadget

RoboGadget Evil Laugh

RoboGadget starting his rampage and laughing evilly

In the film, RoboGadget has been sent by Dr. Claw to terrorize and eventually destroy the town of Riverton. He is first seen being programmed for chaos in Claw's lab. He creates absolute destruction by attacking neighborhoods, civilians, and even the Riverton Police Department. He joins Claw for the enjoyment of watching Inspector Gadget fail, only to engage him in a gun duel on a bridge. RoboGadget loses this duel and has his head removed by the Inspector.
RoboGadget Death

RoboGadget's defeat

His head is thrown in a river and it presumably drowns while his body runs around trying to find it.

During the end credits, RoboGadget's body is shown still running around and it finally bumps into the camera.


Unlike the good Gadget, RoboGadget was incredibly evil and destructive, being created to lay waste on Riverton while serving as a new minion to Claw.

Despite the difference between he and Gadget's personalities, RoboGadget does have the original's ability to extend his limbs.



  • Similarly, an evil clone of Inspector Gadget was seen in Gadget and the Gadgetinis.

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