The Robo-Smasher is a machine built by Megatron to reprogram Autobots & neutral Transformers into Decepticons. It is responsible for turning the Constructicons into Decepticons & turning Omega Supreme into an emotionless vengeance seeker who only cares for its missions. It only appeared in the episode "The Secret of Omega Supreme" as a flashback.

Physical Description

The Robo-Smasher is larger than an average Transformer & has 6 legs & 5 arms. The 3 tentacles are tipped with a device which appears to be a sort of laser scalpel or cyberforceps & the side tentacles are tipped with spiked balls, which are used to ensare & immobilize the victim, then the central tentacle disects the Transformer to perform the reprogramming. Its reprogramming can never be undone.

G1 Transformers

Prior to the events of G1 Transformers, the Robo-Smasher is created by Megatron to "recruit" Transformers into the Decepticon side during the Golden Age of Cybertron when the latter has started to gather his new army. He first used it on a Gyronian Sentry, successfully turning him into a Decepticon. Megatron then set his sights on the Constructicons as he needed their engineering abilities for the Decepticon cause. He trapped them in Crystal City & had the Robo-Smasher reprogrammed them one by one, as well as secretly giving them an upgraded gift. With the Constructicons under his control, Megatron ordered them to send their friend Omega Supreme into a fool's errand & destroy their own precious creation Crystal City. He also left the Robo-Smasher to them in case they could get Omega to join them. After the destruction of Crystal City, Omega Supreme hunted his friends down & brought them back to normal, but unfortunately was a failure as the Robo-Smasher's reprogramming can't be undone. The Constructicon then used their upgraded gift Devastator for the first time to pin him against the wall, giving the Robo-Smasher a chance to reprogram Omega Supreme. Omega was however able to overpower Devastator & fought the Robo-Smasher, destroying it though it left the collossal Autobot into a vengeance seeker to the Constructicons after his encounter.

Known Victims

Known Survivors

  • Omega Supreme, though it left him with a traumatized experience that made him swore vengeance to his former friends.
  • Hauler, a crane Constructicon in the toyline resembling Grapple who joined the Autobots.


  • In toyline, it is shown that Omega Supreme was not the only survivor of the Robo-Smasher. The Constructicon Hauler is claimed in his toy bio to have survived & escaped his teammates' fate on the hands of the Robo-Smasher.
  • It is possible the Robo-Smasher may have also reprogrammed many other Autobots & neutral Transformers offscreen, though this is unknown.
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