BZZT, you fleshzy foolz will beg for mercy FZZT, when I'm through with you!
~ Robo-Manus

Robo-Manus is a recurring villain and boss from the Battletoads series, always appearing as a late boss.

The result of heavy genetic and technological experimentation, Robo-Manus is a genetically-enhanced mutant biogen, half organic and half machine. Along with Big Blag, he acts as a bodyguard and right-hand to the Dark Queen. Robo-Manus is always fought in later levels, sometimes replacing the Queen herself as the final boss. Due to him being a robot, his design changes drastically in every game, though he usually have a humanoid body.

On his first appearance in the original Battletoads, he appears as a regular-sized blue robot carrying a gun, being fought at the end of the Intruder Excluder level. In Battletoads and Double Dragon, he is fought at the end of the Missile Mayhem level, having a more grotesque appearance but fighting similarly to the first game. In the GameBoy title, he has his first appearance as a final boss, where he is much larger than before, covering the whole screen. In the Arcade game, he becomes gigantic in comparision to his earlier human-like sizes.