Robo-Apes are Hannibal McFist's most common henchmen, robot apes built by Viceroy.

Villainous History

Although they are capable of a verity of functions, from guards, to catering staff, they are often employed McFist in his nefarious schemes to destroy Randy. Although robots they possess free will, and are capable of independent thought and speech, but they are eternally loyal to Mcfist. They aren't particularly strong creatures, as Randy has taken down dozens of them in a verity of ways, they were first introduced in "Gossip Boy".

There biggest role so far is in "Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes" sick of McFist's abuse, following Randy's advice they decided to go on strike, as Viceroy had for some reason installed a strike mode. As such the stopped working causing McFist industies to grind to a hault, including the new rollercoster he and Howard wanted to ride. Randy tried to reason with them, however McFist tried to force them to get back to work by smashing one of them to pieces, causing them to go into Ape mode (which Viceroy had also installed for some reason) thus they went on a rampage destroying everything and kidnapping McFists wife and Bash. After fighting them, Randy realised he was outnumbered, but figured that if he got McFist to appologise then they would stop. Although McFist took some prompting he eventually said he was sorry, however as they were in Ape mode they couldn't understand what he was saying. Fortunetly a local space monkey, who McFist had hired was able to translate, they turned back to normal. McFist made Viceroy remove strike mode, Ape mode and every other mode he'd added from the Apes (except Brownie Hound suck up mode) to avoid this ever happening again.