Robin Food

Robin Food

Robin Food is a parody of the medieval folk hero Robin Hood. He and his band of Hungry Men "rob from the young and give to the old"; they attack schools during lunchtime and steal the kids' lunches, which they then give to old people at retirement homes.

In "Operation: L.U.N.C.H.", they raid Gallagher Elementary School`s Cafeteria during Numbuh 1's "romantic lunch" with his possessive girlfriend Lizzie, who prevents him from intervening. When they steal Lizzie's lunch, she takes the L.O.C.K.A.H.S.O.C.K.A.H. and storms the Sure Would Forest Senior Center to retrieve her lunch. Just before Lizzie forces Robin Food to surrender, she sees that he is giving the stolen food to the Senior Citizen Squad and is touched by Robin Food's kindness, until the seniors reveal that they do not want to eat children's junk food, and that Robin Food is only stealing it for them because he is too lazy to make any food himself. Lizzie gets her lunch back as the SCS proceeds to beat up Robin Food.

He made one last appearance in "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S." where he tried to steal Gramma Stuffum's Tusk Pie, which then grew tentacles and attacked him and his Hungry Men, which reporter Nick commented, "It looks like Robin Food picked the wrong pie to pilfer."

In real-life, Robin Food, like the real-life Robin Hood, would be seen as an outlaw who deprives kids of vital nutrition, and would also likely be institutionalized.