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Titans Go!
~ Robin's battle Cry
There's only one way to win: we cheat. We use our powers, we poke them in the eye, we take any advantage we can! This is dodgeball! We any means necessary!
~ Robin and his team planning to cheat to win a dodgeball game.

Robin the Boy Wonder is almost universally portrayed as a heroic figure, including in the original Teen Titans show and Batman franchise as well as the other DC TV shows. However, in the 2013 cartoon Teen Titans Go! he, like Beast Boy is a notably more unpleasant individual, and has a surprisingly large number of "jerk" moments to his name, as well as having a more impulsive and sadistic attitude that stands in direct contrast to his counterpart from original series Teen Titans who is calmer, more serious, and driven by a strong sense of morals.

In the episode Be Mine, despite having sadistic tendencies that are worse than both his 2003 TV Series and original comic book counterpart, he draws the line at killing an animal to rip out its heart, suggested that he still retains some semblance of his good guy nature.

List of Robin's "Jerk" moments

Throughout the series, Robin is shown several times acting in cruel or unusual manners:

  1. He is repeatedly shown to be a control freak who is not above occasionally abusing his teammates both verbally and in some episodes physically.
  2. He is repeatedly shown to be a skinflint, including when for Cyborg's birthday he gives him a half-empty cup of soda for a birthday present (that he also drank out of) and then acts offended when Cyborg criticizes him for his poor gift.
  3. He tends to instantly assume the worst of his teammates, an example being the episode, Driver's Ed, where the Titans attempt to warn him that he is unknowingly aiding a criminal. Robin however, just assumes that they're there to make fun of him and refuses to listen to them.
    Ttg robin 1280x1024

    "I am a master driver!"

  4. In the same episode it is revealed that he crashed the Batmobile, though this could have been an accident.
  5. Also in the same episode he repeatedly gets his friends to drive him to different places even when it is extremely inconvenient for them (the worst example of this being his interrupting Cyborg's data uploading, which causes him to temporarily forget who Starfire is).
  6. In the episode The Date he ties up and impersonates Speedy and then acts like a jerk to make Starfire think that Speedy is an awful person just so she'll choose him instead. Notably here he at least shows sufficient remorse to confess his actions to Starfire, who promptly punches him in response but to be fair he did deserve it,
  7. In the episode Laundry Day he shirks his responsibility to do the laundry, prompting Raven to teach him a lesson. Robin only admits his error after the Titan's clothes (secretly animated by Raven's magic) appear to have defeated them.
  8. Along with Beast Boy and Cyborg, he displays borderline misogynistic tendencies in Girl's Night Out where he and the other male Titans not only refuse to include Raven and Starfire, but also patronize the latter's desire to have a Girl's Night Out.
  9. In the episode, Staff Meeting, he physically abuses all of his teammates repeatedly with his staff. After it breaks, he sets off on a quest to find a new one but then rejects the improvised staff he acquires and, against the advice of the Wisdom Tree he had sought out, demands a new one. When he doesn't get it, he outright cuts the Wisdom Tree down despite it begging him to stop and turns it into a new staff...which he then throws away the second he gets his old one back.
  10. In The Artful Dodgers he advocates winning a dodgeball competition via cheating simply because he and his teammates are too lazy to practice. Before this he forbids Starfire and Raven from participating in the dodgeball matches, though in fairness to this both had earlier proven themselves to be inept players. However, given that Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are also shown to be inept players, this restriction is therefore hypocritical.
  11. In Matched, he savagely attacks and beats Cyborg with both his staff and an explosive wing-ding when his love machine pairs Starfire with Aquaman instead of him. He subsequently goes out of his to try and emulate Aquaman, including in ways that disgust his teammates (especially Cyborg).
  12. In Left Leg, he becomes obsessed with Cyborg's giant robot, and then acts offended and all but throws a tantrum when he is forced to pilot the left leg. Becoming obsessed with making the most of it, he winds up becoming more of a hindrance than an asset, allowing Kitten to escape and also destroying nearby buildings in the process. After becoming obsessed with the left leg he modifies it in such a way that it drains the rest of the giant robot's power, which causes the robot to get destroyed and ruins Cyborg's hard work.
  13. After becoming obsessed with power moves with Cyborg in Power Moves, he takes over Cyborg's body to create the ultimate superhero and made Cyborg miserable in the process.  He is forced to exit Cyborg's body when Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven combine their powers to create a super strong Power Move.  Robin is unharmed, but Cyborg's body is destroyed by the attack.
  14. After challenging the other Titans to go a whole day without using any powers he mocks them when they initially struggle to get by without their superpowers.
  15. Bullied and beat up a pair of originally villainous birds even after they admitted they were then neutral peace-keepers.
  16. Kept Mas and Menos separated and because he didn't understand Spanish did not listen to their words of wisdom. Keeping them separated put them in danger of getting their power to dangerous levels. He also assumed the worst of Menos and refused to listen to his team about learning from Mas Y Menos.
  17. When it was time for the Titans' yearly campaign on who will be the next leader, Robin created false evidence that other Titan members didn't do to make sure that he remains the leader, as well as create false evidence to make him look like the greatest leader/superhero in history, even though the other members didn't want anything to do with the voting nor the campaign. Tried of Robin's antics, they brought President George Washington from the past to tell Robin what a true leader is like. However, Robin thought Washington was out to steal his position as leader and challenges Washington for the roll as leader of the Teen Titans. Washington tried to play the game fairly, but Robin constantly cheated and sabotaged Washington's chances. In the end the voting resulted in a tie with one for Robin and one for Washington. To finally settle who the leader was going to be Robin challenged Washington in a one-on-one fight. Washington managed to defeat Robin. At first it appeared that Robin had learned his lesson about what it means to be a true leader, but then proves to be completely hypocritical and very obliviously completely delusional as he travel back in time to be the one who won Revolutionary War and became the first President of the United States.
  18. In Boys vs Girls, he breaks into a top secret government facility, steals an extract of Cooties, and apply it to Raven and Starfire to get them racial means to admit boys are better than girls.
  19. In I'm The Sauce, he burns the other Titan's books while they are reading with his flamethrower, he the sets off a bomb in the titans tower causing the titans along with the couch to blow out of the tower and causes the couch the crush the other titans but Robin. Once it rains again he freaks out and sets off another bomb causing the titans to blow up back into the tower
  20. He along with Beast Boy and Cyborg against Starfire and Raven's protests Sadistically brutally beat up a redeemed Dr. Light when he wants to join the Titans

Robin super-buff courtesy of Trigon's magic.

Robin's evil laugh in Boys vs Girls

Robin's evil laugh in Boys vs Girls.


  • (Through gritted teeth): "You can't ignore me!"
  • "Some people prefer swords or like lasers, but I like to use this staff, see? Just crack! Ka-kow! Right on the head! The knee! Crack! Clavicle! Whatever! Really gets the job done."
  • "Staff meeting! Staff meeting! Staff meeting!"
  • "There's only one way to win: we cheat. We use our powers, we poke them in the eye, we take any advantage we can! This is dodgeball! We any means necessary!"

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