I'm not crazy! Don't call me crazy! I'm just not user-friendly!
~ Roberto

Roberto is a villain from the animated comedy series Futurama.

He is a robot made by some engineers with the desire to build an criminally insane robot and they succeeded (but according to Roberto himself, they failed). He is one of the most mentally unstable characters in the series, often practicing stabbing moves with his knife while making 'stabbing noises' and he has also tried to rob one bank thrice in just a short period of time. He is also an old friend of Bender.


Roberto's history is largely unknown, however, in "Bender's Game" he reveals he was built by some engineers who wanted to make an insane robot. He says they failed, but from everyone else's view, it was a major success. According to Roberto's gravestone birth and death years in "The Six Million Dollar Mon," he was built eleven years prior. During "Insane in the Mainframe", he mentions that his mother used to weld him to the wall as a form of punishment, a possible explanation for his insane behavior. He also can be seen lining up at a sperm bank at one point, likely to rob it.


In "The Six Million Dollar Mon", Roberto was executed after his latest attack on Hermes Conrad and Labarbara, attempting to rob them of their skin. After his death, Hermes replaced all his body parts with robotic implants. To become a complete robot, he, Professor Farnsworth and Bender unknowingly dug up Roberto's grave for a robot brain. Hermes' brain was ultimately placed back in his human body while Roberto's brain was placed in Hermes' robot body. Roberto peeled a piece of Hermes' skin and ate it but melted due to the spiciness of the skin (from years of eating Labarbara's spicy cooking).

In the episode "Stench and Stenchibility", Roberto was apparently rebuilt, as he tried to mug Zoidberg and his new girlfriend.



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