Robert the Terrible is the main antagonist of the Universal and Big Idea Studios film The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. He is the brother of the King of Moteria, and uncle of its prince and princess, Alexander and Eloise.


His plan was to kidnap the king's children and kill both of them after they tell him when the king was going to return. After he killed them, he would put explosives into the harbor and blow-up the king himself.

Most vegetables find him too powerful due to the fact that he has an iron leg and a peg-leg, also due to the fact that his arms are made out of metal and that you can see them, unlike the rest of the Veggies who have arms that you can't see.

He also wanted to destroy three Veggies: Elliot, George, and Sedgewick…but since they came from the future, not the 17th century, he didn't know about them until the King was almost returning, so killing them was never going to be as easy as he thought. Robert was banned from Monteria for years, giving him nothing to do except "dabble in the mechanial arts" In his exile, he built his Barrol-Robot Carrier and used Black-Powder to make highly powerful explosives.


  • According to his trading card, Robert prefers to knitting, reading the longest novels he can find, and eating the perfect meal at any fine restaurant rather than be terrible. If he is not an actor, he will pursue a career as a food critic and have nothing good to say about daily catering on the set.