Robert Zabrinski

Robert Zabrinski

Robert Zabrinski is one of the supporting antagonists of the videogame Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem, alongside Walter Peabody and Mindi Stiles.


Robert Zabrinski was trying to buy the Milton Brothers film studio from the Milton Brothers. The Scooby gang arrived at Miltons Movie Studio, where they were greeted by the two Milton Brothers, famous filmakers, and the unpleasant Robert Zabrinski, a stylish businessman. The brothers explained that a particular Red Knight was causing mayhem and havoc in the studio.

The group split up and looked around. One of the Milton Brothers went missing, and a brochure to a theme park was found. The Red Knight kidnapped Scooby-Doo and Daphne Blake, after they managed to get rid of several Poltergeists he had summoned. However Shaggy Rogers managed to rescue them, and defeated the Red Knight temporarily by luring it onto a catapult. The group and the other Milton brother set up a trap for the Red Knight, who was revealed to be Robert. He explained that he was trying to buy the studio, but the brothers refused, so he started dressing up as the Red Knight to scare them and workers away. Using two pages from the Tome of Doom he got from Walter Peabody he summoned the Poltergeists and the Mummy's to help him.

The missing brother was found, saying that Robert locked him up after he witnessed him dressing up in the Red Knight costume.