Robert Vance

Robert Vance is a villain in the Batman universe.


At a young age, Robert Vance created his software company and at his old age, he suffered from a brain disorder which prompted him to digitize his brain impulses into an artificial intelligence program that would serve as a guide to his corporation. Vance had a hidden agenda: after the company's investors shut him down, he lay dormant for 30 years.

40 years later, his grandson Bobby Vance started the program so he can properly run the company. Vance convinced Bobby to put him online since he wanted to do some exploring, however he quickly gathered information from various resources so he can transfer his consciousness into Bobby's body.

Batman attempted to cut his power supply, however Vance blasted Batman which caused his program to be downloaded into his suit. Vance took the suit over and nearly drowned Batman until Bruce Wayne activated the suit's kill switch. Vance then abducted Bobby to complete his plan.

In the Bat Suit, Vance was invincible, however his only weakness was magnetism which Batman exploited once he noticed it. Batman pierced the suit with a steel par and plugged to a magnetic device which terminated Vance's program from the suit. Vance was then lost forever.