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Robert Tubbs Is a recurring character and anti-hero in the Family Guy spin-off series The Cleveland Show, He is Donna's ex-husband and father of Roberta Tubbs and Rallo Tubbs. He is known to have a bitter rivalry with Cleveland since high school in terms of winning Donna's heart, and at times to win Cleveland Jr's affection.

He was voiced by Corey Holcomb.


Robert has appeared since the first episode "Pilot" where he collects alimony checks from Donna, although he plans to take her back. Robert also proves that he knows little if not anything about his two children thinking that Roberta is still in the 6th grade. Cleveland manages to stop him just in time and successfully wins Donna's heart.

In "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance." He doesn't show up to Roberta's Dance because he chose to do drugs instead.

Throughout the rest of the series he usually spends time with his kids, he also has a habit of lying to them (Namely Rallo) he also competes with Cleveland on numerous occasions.


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