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Robert The Doll is the main antagonist from the 2015 horror movie Robert.

He was given to the Otto's just after their maid Agatha left their house, the couple then give the doll to their son Gene so he can play with him, but it seem that the doll wasn't friendly at all and wasn't in a good mood to play with the boy.

Effectively because something happen during the day and nights that the family are unaware that the doll is possessed by a dangerous entity, Robert walk alone and go himself from place to place killing his victims, but nobody believe Gene when said that the doll did the killing, because everyone said that a toy cannot move on their own.

The film is based one the urban legend of Robert the Doll.

He also reappear again as the main antagonist in the 2016 horror movie The Curse of Robert The Doll

he was placed in this museum by the mother of Gene a few years after the massacre of her entire family, but Robert seem to not want to be imprisoned by a glass box, and decide again to do his killer spray by making new victims in the museum, again Robert is alive after his first defeat with the Otto's, but this time he will seek revenge or will be defeated again.

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