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Julian McMahon as Robert Stanton

Alex, just give him wants, I can't do this anymore, you ordered those killings, not me, I don't want to have anything to do with this, anymore!
~ McMahon demanding to start leaving out on Dunning.

Robert Stanton is the quarternary antagonist of the 2010 film, Red.


Robert Stanton was a young lieutenant, who was the son of Late Senator James Stanton, extracted from Alexander Dunning to be boosted up as Vice President, as he massacred civilians in Guatemala in 1981.


He is planning to erase his participation in Guatemala, to put out Dunning from the picture.


He was revealed to have been a pawn by Dunning to make him more money, he was used to be shot by Dunning to make it look like Frank shot him, but Dunning was killed and stopped.