Robert Haydn is the main antagonist in the 1st season of The Law of Ueki. He is a frightening and ruthless power user, with his power to make his ideals an reality. He nearly killed Ueki Kosuke in their first encounter by dropping him from a very high altitude but was then saved by Mr. K. He is also the leader of the Robert's Ten, which serves as his brawn. He is has a very tragic past which caused him to hate humanity but he later gave up his hatred after being touched by Ueki and his friends


Robert Haydn was hated and treated by a monster by the people of his town. Robert was a celestial being, and was able to use the first sacred weapon Kurogane, which enables him to fire a cannon from his hand, at a very young age. Despite, the general treatment of the townsfolks towards Robert, Robert managed to make friends. He and his friends asked for an apple from the marketplace but the vendor refused upon recognizing Robert. His friends then agreed to steal a apple from the store but they were caught. Robert's friends told to the authorities that he made them steal an apple. A confused Robert escaped the scene and saw the man in the orphanage whom he trusted but was then led to a room a locked him inside. Robert Haydn was convinced that he was a monster upon betrayal and an enraged Robert almost destroyed the town single-handledly(1/3 in the manga) with his Kurogane. Since the incident, he held a grudge on humanity.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to make his ideals to reality (e.g. a tea cup that never spills). However, it causes one year of his life but he can still use an ideal anytime he wishes. (e.g. He can use the homing Kurogane, anytime he wishes and it doesn't cause him a year of his life per use). Also, no matter how ideal is his ideals, it still has flaws (e.g. his homing Kurogane was meant to always hit its target but it has issues in hitting multiple targets).

His second abilty is to manipulate gravity, making things heavier or lighter, as well as the ability to create soap bubbles which can either make things heavier or lighter that comes contact with it. This is the first ability Robert Haydn used in the series.