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Robert Cordell is Secondary antagonist of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. He is also the Deputy Director of the National Intelligence Oversight Committee (NIOC).


Former CEO of a defense contractor, Cordell milked lucrative Pentagon contracts to build a personal fortune and then used that money to secure the top job at NIOC. He uses that position to steer government contracts to shell companies owned by friends. The President created NIOC to provide a layer of oversight between covert agencies and congress, but according to Gabe, Cordell's only job is to get in his way. On more than one occasion, Cordell's red tape and paperwork has interfered with missions and cost lives. The most recent incident occurred when Gabe had Bitar cornered in Libya, but Cordell  refused air support, and Bitar escaped. Cordell now pursues with a tenacity that leads Gabe to believe he is driven by something more than just making up for his mistake of letting Bitar escape. 

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

After Several countries started the race for the possession of the XZ-2 bomb , invented by a Chinese defector Shen Rey. Cordell hired Bitar, to ensure the XZ-2  safety. Bitar stole the XZ-2 bomb transported by Cordell, and destroyed part of the Iraqi oil fields to undermine the interest of the West in the Middle East. Cordell began hiding, and Logan used it to find out where the Al-Jamil hold Shen.

After convincing the Chinese agent Trinidad to help him, Cordell manipulated events so that Lian Xing followed her husband Shen, and Logan followed Lian . Trinidad has worked with Logan long enough to successfully accomplish their mission, but Logan was able to find evidence that Cordell hired Bitar. The military arrested Cordell and suspended him from his position.