See you in hell, Captain!
~ Carlson, letting go of his dead man's trigger.

Robert Carlson was a disgruntled and insane bomber in the Babylon 5 episode A Day in the Strife.

He was portrayed by Patrick Kilpatrick.


Carlson was an angry, mentally unbalanced person. Prior to 2260, he lived on the Vega Colony, where after a series of misfortunes (including losing a job, his apartment, and having his wife walk out on him) he suffered a psychotic breakdown. After setting off a series of bombs on the colony, he relocated to Babylon 5 where he was hired by the station maintenance division.

After only a few weeks on the station, he began detonating several explosive devises around the station. The targets were random, though they were placed in populated areas to maximize the casualties. Lennier was one of Carlson's victims, critically injured in an explosion in the docking bays.

Eventually Susan Ivanova hit upon the idea of asking a group of recently arrived Trappist Monks led by Brother Theo Ankises to review the enormous amount of data they had gathered regarding the explosions.

The monks proceeded to do a rather through review of the data, and found after each explosion that there was a particular man who lingered around the wreckage, absorbed in the death and chaos he had caused. Calling Michael Garibaldi Theo reported his findings. Garibaldi ran a search for the individual that Theo's monks had pointed out, and the system identified the man as Carlson. B5 security then pulled his employee records and other data.

Carlson, cornered in his quarters, demanded Captain John Sheridan enter alone to negotiate. Carlson hoped to escape the station, but as a contingency had planted a large bomb in the station's fusion reactor. Sheridan attempted to talk with him, but once Carlson realized the captain had an open link, he tried to detonate his bomb. Although Sheridan was unable to prevent his using the detonator, station security had been able to find the bomb he had attached to the fusion reactor and removed it. They had a maintenance robot take the bomb and speed away from the station, where it detonated harmlessly in open space.

Carlson was subsequently taken into custody while security made sure he hadn't wired up any more surprises.