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I don't trust him. When I look in his eyes, it's like Sabor is looking back.
~ Tarzan, about Canler
There's no trouble I cannot handle.
~ Canler's catchphrase

Robert Canler is the main antagonist in the Legend of Tarzan episode "Flying Ace" (or Tarzan & Jane, depending on which version you're watching).

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


When introduced in the episode, Robert started off as suave, polite, and courteous, but beneath it, he was a stingy, tricky, diabolical, and manipulative person, a worst side that Tarzan sensed which he perceived as worse as Sabor. It is undeniable that he was once good friends with Jane, but his kindness ultimately overweighted his lust and stinginess for profit.



Robert Canler was an old childhood friend of Jane Porter since they were young children and was also her next door neighbor. Growing up, he and Jane use to attend dance classes, but reveals Jane had "two left feet". They had a great friendship growing being very close to each other. Eventually, when he grew up, Robert managed to work for the Queen of England, but at some point betrayed England by stealing secret codes and wanted sell them to the countries enemies.


Robert Canler was first seen flying his biplane while avoiding Captain Nigel Taylor on another biplane. After landing in the jungle, he meets up with Jane after saving her family camp from a destructive wildfire before meeting up with Tarzan. However, he turned out to be a notorious double agent who stole secret codes in London and shot opposing and antagonistic pilots, and that he seeked out Jane to steal a music box (which happens to be a code machine) that he gave to her. After an aerial sword fight with Tarzan, Canler attempted to escape, but in an moment of conscience, he returns to save Jane from being killed by his biplane's propellers. He was then arrested, telling Jane that it is "not goodbye, just until next time".


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