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Robert April was a villain in introduced in the Star Trek alternate reality Countdown to Darkness comics.

In the 2230s April assumed command of the USS Enterprise that existed in the alternate timeline after the Enterprise (NX-01) and prior to the USS Enterprise launched in 2258.

While on a mission to Phaedus IV April saw how the ruling Shadow Phaedans were oppressing their non-Shadow White Phaedans. He decided to remain on the planet and help the White Phaedans fight off the Shadows. With the assistance of his first officer Alexander Marcus April faked his death and remained on the planet.

In 2259 Captain James T. Kirk discovered April still living on the surface of Phaedus IV. April captured the Enterprise and offered it to the Klingons in return for being allowed to be governor of Phaedus IV under Klingon rule.

Kirk was able to defeat April and take him in to custody. He was frustrated when both Marcus and his former first officer Christopher Pike covered up the incident. After the death of Marcus Kirk visited April to inform him that the plans April and Marcus made to start a war with the Klingon Empire had failed.

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