If there's one thing Robert's good at it's writing blank cheques
~ Tess regarding Robert's deceitful nature

Robert was a supporting antagonist from the survival/horror game The Last of Us however he unintentionally set the entire story in motion. He was a former smuggler who ends up betraying his other smuggler comrades by giving their weapons to the Fireflies who he owed.


He is first mentioned by Tess who says he sent two guys to jump her however she ends up killing them. After gaining information Joel and Tess go to the wharf where Robert has already hired men to protect him by "writing blank cheques' however the smugglers were able to kill them all before confronting Robert who instantly runs away but is later backed into a corner.

Joel begins to torture Robert for information on their guns which he admits he sold them to the Fireflies. Robert propositions that they attack the Fireflies by force however Tess disregards it as their weaponry and defences are too great. Tess than shoots him in the head.


  • Robert sets off the entire story of The Last of Us as he was the one who owed the Fireflies and gave them Joel and Tess's weapons and in return they smuggle Ellie out of the city which begins Joel and Ellie's journeys across the post-apocalytic America.