Ed Bergley as Robert Patchett

Robert Patchett is the main antagonist in the 1989 film She-Devil he portrayed by Ed Bergley Jr.


Known by clients and his wife Ruth as Bob? Robert is an accountant looking to own his own agency and new clients so he and his wife goes to a dinner party where he and Ruth accidentally meets Mary Fisher, an attractive and popular romance novelist, the 2 hit it off immediately and spend most of the night getting to know each other while Ruth tries her hardest to please them both.

He drives both his wife and the author home but spends the night with the author instead of coming home to his wife and children beginning an extramarital affair with Fisher and gaining her as her client, he continues to deceive Ruth about Mary but Ruth isn't convince that what's going on between him and Mary is business not pleasure so the final straw came once Bob's parents came over for dinner.

They have a little argument and his parents are force to leave and have dinner else where, he tells Ruth in his own way that she doesn't matter to him anymore and that the only thing he cares about is his home, family, career and his freedom and he moves out of their home and into Mary's mansion that night leaving Ruth and the kids behind. little did he know? his life with Mary wouldn't be as pleasant as he hoped it would be.

1 day Ruth drops the kids off to be with him and Mary to start a new life in another town, she informs him that the home they once shared burned down before leaving the mansion and the kids behind for a while and thanks to Mary and other wealthy clients? he has his own accountant agency and is enjoying the life that both Mary and his business had provided for him but thanks to Ruth? that life would come to an end.

He hires a young attractive woman through Ruth's employment agency named Olivia as his secretary and like with Mary? he begins an affair with Olivia but he fires her after she begin to have feelings for him which tells Olivia that she was just a fling to Bob not a girlfriend like Mary, Mary finds out about the flings at his office through Ruth by a fan letter she sent her, making things even worse for Mary than it already is.

With her mother and his children driving her crazy as well as her latest book being a flop, She throws a party at her home to forget her troubles but the party was ruined when the police arrest Bob for fraud and embezzlement, the day after his arrest? he and his lawyer discuss his case but he not on purpose reveals to Mary that she was 1 of the clients Bob stole from and after the meeting with his lawyer was over? she fires him as her accountant and kicks him out of her life for GOOD.

Bob's day in court comes but instead of seeing the judge his lawyer hired to acquit him? he sees a judge who isn't a corrupt 1 and the judge sentenced him to a year to 8 months in federal prison for his crimes against Mary and the other clients who he cheated, Ruth and the kids visit him in the conclusion of the film never knowing that his imprisonment as well as the end of his relationship with Mary plus the loss of his career & home is because of Ruth.