Rob Reiner

"Goddammit, there will be no more smoking!"
~ - Rob Reiner.

The history of South Park is full of well-known celebrities from the real-world altered into fantastical ways, Rob Reiner is no exception and although in reality he is not a villain, in the fictional world of South Park he was.

Appearing in the episode "Butt Out", Rob Reiner was depicted as a really greedy, obese and gluttonous tyrant who imposed his anti-smoking will on others to the extreme. His style of ruling was so brutal that it brought him praise by Cartman but hatred from almost everyone else. In keeping with the show's parody aspect Rob Reiner and his anti-smoking group were seen as evil while the tobacco company was depicted as a happy peaceful place, one that Reiner sought to destroy by any means necessary.

Reiner even went as far as planning to murder Cartman so that he can claim the boy died of cancer caused by smoking. Cartman fled to seek the aid of his reluctant "friends". When Reiner was next seen he was leading the townspeople in a riot against the tobacco company. However during the Riot, Reiner announces that his plan was to kill Eric Cartman as part of his plan to end the Tobacco company, the townspeople recognize him as a child murderer and turn against him.

Cartman vs. Rob Reiner

Cartman stand up to Rob Reiner whom he no longer idolized.

In the end an angered Cartman stabs Reiner with a fork, causing the tyrant to melt away as goo flows out of his body: uttering his now famous line:

"My goo! My precious goo!"

Despite this, he later reappeared in the episode "200" and "201" along with most of the other celebrities the show had previously mocked.